My Journey From Normal To Organic Only

Cristina Trujillo

My Journey Begins

I started my journey to live an organic lifestyle in 2013 when my son was born. It was his life and health and my newly acquired knowledge about genetically modified foods that accompanied with my belief since early childhood that medication should be limited to actual need. You see even as a child when my mother would give me Congespirin to mask my cold symptoms I would pretend to take it and then dispose of the pills in the trash. Mom always thought I stayed sick longer then my older sister, however I do not believe that to be the case. Because I have refused medication and allowed my body to build up natural immunity I have not suffered from a common cold since I was a child.

During my first pregnancy twenty years ago I suffered from the flu three time during that pregnancy. You see my diet was not great I lived off Mountain dew and processed foods like McDonalds and Wendy’s and store bought premade frozen dishes and starters. Although I was healthy in all respects my body was not able to fight off the virus and give the baby everything he needed. I did not understand this at the time I only knew the baby was taking everything and I wasn’t able to stay healthy. Always sick and miserable. My eldest son I placed in open-adoption and we have maintained a solid relationship to this day. He suffered from many illnesses during childhood.

Now when I had my second child in 2013 I still suffered from illness and caught the flu at least once during my pregnancy. And while yes I was healthier I still had been eating fast foods from taquerias and local eateries like In-and Out Burgers. My second son, is very healthy overall, it wasn’t until he started preschool that he seemed to be sick everyday. Now that he is nearly eight his immune system stronger he still is the one who gets sick fastest in the family.

Now my last pregnancy, this child born from a body nourished of only organic foods for a solid five years, healthier and stronger then ever I did not get the flu during this pregnancy. I was able to work throughout my entire pregnancy for the first time ever. This son was born in 2018 he encountered kids in his brothers kindergarten class who touched him all over everyday and yet he stayed healthy. He has been sick only two times in his life and the last being a week ago after a trip to the playground when both my children woke in the wee hours of the morning hurling.

Being a holistic mom I do not administer medication to my kids instead they both got hot showers/baths and a cup/glass of water with raw apple cider vinegar and blue agave. Five hours later both boys are feeling 100% better no more tummy aches, no more fever.

Food Is Medicine Is No Myth

I tell you all this to help you understand that I am here to help people realize that it is more important to invest in a healthy body and that by eating more organic foods, non-processed foods, and non-gmo foods you can effectively boost your immune system. This change takes time, however depending where you live there are likely a large number of organic options available and as demand increases so does supply.

Some myths about organic foods.

  • organic food taste different
  • organic food taste bad
  • there is no difference between organic foods and non organic foods

Genetically modified foods contain biotoxins meant to control the insect population. read more. I don’t know about you however to me the word toxin means poison and if it is meant to kill insects who eat it then what effect will that toxin have on the human body over the long term? Studies are weighed in both directions to the benefits and possible, or likely side effects. In my experience the FDA approves harmful products and medications as routine. We hear commercials everyday for new and existing medications which are meant to cure or improve the symptoms of one illness and in return most of them there have a long list of side effects; often one of those side effects is death. However the benefits outweigh the negatives and the number of people who will die is minimal so it is acceptable. So I am no conspiracy theorist I just like to know what is in my foods and so I choose to avoid the unknown and buy only organic and non-gmo certified foods.

What Is In The Air we Breath

We cannot control our exposure to toxins outside the home in air pollution from car exhaust, construction and such. However we can control our exposure in the home by reducing and removing toxic chemicals, switching from harsh chemicals like bleach to a safer alternatives like vinegar. Plant-based alternatives can be highly effective and many known brands now offer eco solutions like tide. Lust like toxic people, toxins in the air effect your over all well being.

Are there really toxins in my clothing?

Yes even organic cotton clothing that has been died or printed on has been exposed to toxic chemical from the dyes and ink used. For this reason it is important to wash all new clothing before wearing it. Buying organic cotton products helps farmers and the environment. Not only should we be concerned about our clothing but also women’s sanitary products which made from non-organic cotton maybe leaking toxins into your body at your most vulnerable time. Switching to organic pads better, safer and healthier for you or organic period panties which are also sustainable and reduce the amount on non-biodegradable materials that end up in our landfills.

Speaking of landfills did you know most clothing items we throw away can be recycled into new products?