Request More Organic Choices In Products You Use Everyday

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Our lives are filled with challenges everyday, some good and some not so good. We have choices in life and one of those choices is how we choose to care for our bodies.  Eating healthy foods and exercise are always the two things we think of or are told to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Yet in todays world of genetically modified foods is it really that simple?  Fruits, vegetables, and non processed foods are commonly thought of as the healthier choices. 

We need more organic choices

The FDA wants you to believe that the genetically modified seeds with which the food is being grown has no effect on the human body. This is NOT true! Everything you put into your body affects your body one way or another. So is it logically possible that eating foods with pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics grown into them will not affect you over time with prolonged exposure?

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The answer is NO! It used to be you could wash your fruits and vegetables really goo to get all the pesticides off, but now no matter how long you wash the fruit it will remain contaminated.  Have you noticed that the vegetables you bought two weeks ago and forgot about are still looking fresh? That’s the antibiotics grown into the product to help in sustain a longer shelf life.

You can’t limit your thinking to the fruits and vegetables you eat either, you have to think about what is fed to the animals you eat! It makes little since to avoid the GMO’s yourself if you’re going to eat food that has been fed GMO’s. #moreorganicchoices


Everyday you hear more and more promotions for natural products, nothing added… that is nothing added after its grown! According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) “all natural” means no artificial colors, flavors or synthetic substances.  Read the labels closely because labels can be deceiving. Companies trying to get you to but their products with sneaky labeling tricks.  According to the Organic Consumers Association, organic foods grown in China and sold in health food stores like Whole Foods  are not 100% Organic! Visit to read the article.

Ways to avoid being fooled

1. Shop locally grown organic foods

2.Read the ingredients on products that say Natural or All Natural!!

Call ’em out

Do you have a favorite brand/s that is using non-sustainable practices? We as consumers have the power to call ’em out on their bad practices and encourage them to implement green solutions. Amazing companies like We Don’t Have Time and Remark make this easy.