Motivate Change Through Consumerism

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Money Talks

Money talks, we have all heard that saying before.  It is not a conspiracy; consumerism is the backbone of our country.  As consumers businesses make and promote the products we buy. If we as consumers support and purchase businesses and brands using unsustainable materials and polluting our ecosystem.  

Yes, the government should impose taxes and on improper waste disposal, however, those taxes cannot be limited to only big business. We as people, as a community of humans, and consumers, all are responsible for the problem.  Stop passing the blame and thinking it’s not your problem.

What is accepted at city level curbside recycling centers across America differs by county. Access to responsible recycling programs is limited. Recyclability of materials used in manufacturing is increasing but we can do better. Social communities like We Don’t Have Time and Remark are giving you a way to call companies and brands out for non-sustainable business practices. 

Who are the influencers?

There are many influencers who will tell you our government has to implement change, the problem with that is our government has been talking about climate change for thirty years and today we create more damage to our ecosystem than we did thirty years ago.  It’s not that they don’t know what is happening or how to fix it, it is that it is not cost-effective to make the changes needed. Since oil was discovered in the 1800’s it has ever since been used for everything from fuel to cosmetics. 

When negative environmental effects were discovered, our government did not ban the use and manufacturing of products made from fossil fuels, instead, they put in place circular systems for people to recycle a small portion of the products, plastic is by far the most obvious issue because it is used for packaging everything. It is cheap and plentiful and most of it is not recyclable, and only a small fraction of the problem.

Money Talks
consumerism is the backbone of our country

As consumers, we can force change with our dollars. Money talks, consumerism drives the market. Stop supporting businesses that do not support our planet. Shop sustainable fashion and put your money where your heart is.

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