How to Overcome Resistance to Change?

How to Overcome Resistance to Change?

How to Overcome Resistance to Change?

Right now many of us are feeling resistant to the current changes we are encountering in our life and rumors say we may be in this situation for another year before vaccinations are created and relief is found.

Social Distancing has long term effects on mental health

Many of us have seen stories in the media of how removing human contact and interactions has adversely effected many of our youth especially. Beware of how you are feeling and talk to loved ones often. Better days lay ahead we just have to get to them.

This video is fun and informative

A Personal Experience

Social Distancing is an effective way slow the spread of viruses. However some of the scare tactics being used by the media are extreme. I was walking in a wide open space with no mask on because we are outdoors and I am not sick. I haven’t had so much as a cold in the last seven years or better. Anyway, I have a two year old and a seven year old and since my two year old cannot wear a mask I don’t wear one unless I am entering a public establishment.

One day as we were walking along enjoying nature and the great outdoors a man comes along side me and starts to pass me when he sees I am not wearing a mask he says “oh, you’re not wearing a mask I cannot pass you” he however was wearing a mask and considering he was passing from behind I found his statement to be a bit over the top.

Later the same afternoon on another part of the trail as we were heading the “wrong” direction a woman passed and pointed that out to me. I responded ” Well, not much you can do about it when you have a 2 yr old” to which she said well I have cancer and I don’t wanna get sick. So implying that passing me in a open outdoor space is what more likely to expose her to something then say going to the grocery store?

Any way just want to say let us be grateful for technology, delivery companies, and humor!

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