Healthy Living 10 Tips to Healthier Happier Toxin Free Home

Learn How to Reduce Toxins in Your Home.

Toxins come from everything. Pollution from manufacturing plants and vehicles fills the air we breathe and our day-to-day home and health care products are filled with unknown ingredients including formaldehyde. Our clothing even contains toxins from dyes, antibacterial and odor resistant products. Avoid antibacterial and odor-fighting clothing containing nanosilver and triclosan.

  1. Wash new clothes at least once before wearing
  2. choose cleaning products made from plants not petroleum
  3. Look for local wet cleaners or laundry service over dry cleaning
  4. Avoid school products and clothing that claims to fight bacteria and order causing germs
  5. Air out baby play and sleeping areas 6 months before due date
  6. Don't use vinyl mattress and pillow covers
  7. Use laundry detergents free for fragrances, perfumes and dyes
  8. Try using castle soap or plant based laundry alternatives
  9. Use Wool Balls or wet dryer sheets to fight wrinkles
  10. Choose products without flame retardants
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Taking time to understand what products we use in our day-to-day lives that have toxins in them and changing to safer, healthier, non-toxic choices allows our bodies to be healthier.