How Do Medications Affect Our Bodies in the Long Term?

Genetically enhanced foods are relatively new to the market, however once real data can be analyzed and compared, a new relevance to the negative effects between medications and genetically modified foods, may be revealed.

I have always been fairly healthy, however these last few years I have been healthier than ever.

Six years ago I slowly began converting to an entire organic and chemical free lifestyle.  My now six-year-old son got sick a number of times when he was small, and I had the flu when I was pregnant with him, same as my previous pregnancy eighteen years ago I contracted the flu 2 or 3 times that time.

However, my youngest just turned one and I did not get the flu this pregnancy and yes, I was pregnant in flu season.

My babies are born March, May and June. My infant was in contact with many children, some of whom were sick, when dropping brother off at kindergarten last year. He just turned one and has had one small cold since he was born, and his brother did not get sick at all last year.  

I honestly believe having better knowledge of long-term effects of unnecessary medication could enhance and even prolong life spans.  It is so common for people to cover/mask the symptoms of their common cold in turn going out and sharing their germs with others, leaving them exposed and completely unaware.  

Because a number of people use these over the counter cold remedies their immune systems never get strong enough to combat the germs, additionally exposing ourselves to toxins via cleaning and self-care products, and now food.

Eating food that are not good for us, junk food like McDonalds, soda, chips, cookies, and juice.  All these things combine, and people get sick and sicker and sicker.

Medications have to be made stronger because overtime they stop working, just like insecticide, and herbicide the body grows immune to the product after continuous exposure.