Heal Your Mind and Body with Yoga and Meditation

Healing Thru Yoga and Meditation

As a mom I struggle with keeping calm myself so teaching the kids to be calm is some times a great struggle. In my twenties I was very disciplined in my spirituality and and practicing yoga daily. In the past 20ish years however, I have not been so focused.

Yoga and Meditation

Recently realizing that although we have removed all toxic chemicals and foods from the home and body there is still a toxic energy that surrounds us.

We are starting a journey to a healthier self and implementing family yoga sessions every night before bed.

This new routine should help not only with calming at the end of day but also create a sense of ability of emotional control for my kids and myself.

Teaching The Kids To Be Calm

Self care is important for us as adults but it is equally important for our children. Anytime I try and calm my son down he gets madder and if I try to teach him techniques when he is not mad he says they didn’t work.

Each day we do 20 minutes of breathing exercises before beginning our stretches. Complete Breath and Yoga Meditation. I have included links to some videos to help get you started.

This method worked out well, as we went through the poses some were more difficult than others, even though he got upset he was able to maintain and balance his emotions to quickly calm back down and try again. I feel this is a good start and look forward to sharing our progress and more videos with you along the way.

For my mama with babies who don’t walk yet, here’s a video for you!