Tell Frito Lay To Remove Artificial Colors And Flavors From Their Snacks

Frito-Lay makes a wide variety of products including potato chips and corn chips.

Boycotting this company will show a major stand for our rights to protect our health. Pushing for healthy snacks for our families is our right as Americans.

We are not Monsanto’s guinea pigs we deserve to know what is in the food we are eating and how it was genetically changed. Our Farmers should not be held slave to a company for profit, being forced to buy new GMO seeds every season and being sued if they harvest and replant seeds from last years crops. 

The Monsanto Company (/mɒnˈsæntoʊ/) was an American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation founded in 1901. In 2018, it was acquired by

The push for Genetically Engineered foods is a way to help Monsanto become a Monopoly they are aiming to control to worlds food supply with their bioengineered foods. The seeds contaminate nearby crops and cost Organic and Conventional farmers millions each year.

We are asking you to join us in boycotting Frito Lay who is a major supplier of snacks, and requesting them to remove artificial colors, artificial ingredients, and genetically modified or bioengineered foods from their snack line. 

Food coloring
are known as carry-over ingredients. Widespread public belief that artificial food coloring causes ADHD-like hyperactivity in children originated from

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We also request you get NON GMO Verified.

Last year Frito Lay made 11.1 Billion Dollars in Sales!! They are #40 Worlds most valuable brands on the Forbes List 2014.

Frito Lay Brands are Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos, Sun Chips, Oven Baked, Dips, Baken-ets Chester’s Snacks, Cracker Jack, Cracker Jack’D, Funyuns, Grandmas, Matador Beef Jerky, Maui Style, Mrs. Vickie’s, Munchos, Nut Harvest, Quaker Snack Mix, Rold Gold, Ruffles, Sabritas, Sabritones, Sanitas, Simply, Smartfood, Spitz and Stacy’s.